Register for PASS

Let PASS Simplify the Prior Authorization Process

PARx Solutions helps prescribers navigate the prior authorization process through PASS (Prior Authorization Support System).

Registration is FAST and EASY:

  1. Register one provider, location, and user to get started using PASS. You can add more providers, locations, or users later under your "My Account" settings.
  2. Complete the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) form required by HIPAA guidelines electronically or by printing and faxing it back to PARx. If electronically signing the BAA, you can begin submitting PA requests immediately. If printing, please SIGN and FAX ALL PAGES to (866) 725-7063.

Once we receive the signed BAA, electronically or by fax, and the NPI number has been verified, you will be notified by both phone and email that your account has been activated.

Please contact us at (866) 725-PARX or if you need assistance.


The PARx Prior Authorization Support System (‘PASS’) is free to prescribers, helps them manage the PA process accurately and efficiently, and results in higher approval rates and less time spent on administrative hassles. Our PASS system incorporates a secure, “easy to use” web portal, with a call center staffed with healthcare professionals and reimbursement specialists to interact with managed care plans on your behalf, supporting all of your PA needs.

Ease of Use

User-friendly, HIPAA compliant portal to initiate and manage PA request incorporates pre-populated fields and “drop-down” menus

Universal PA Forms

Standardized form layout for all products and plans eliminates confusion

Commitment to Quality

100% of PA forms are reviewed to ensure accuracy and completeness

Call Center Support

Staff of pharmacy technicians, nurses, medical assistants, and reimbursement professionals available to provide assistance, and spend time interacting with plans so physician doesn’t have to

Timely Resolution

Follow up calls are made to plans if no resolution within 72 hours post PA submission

Process Transparency

Prescribers can check the status of PAs in our PASS portal at any time