Overview + Areas of Focus


The mission of PARx Solutions is to help patients get the medication that their physician believes is most appropriate for their condition. PARx fulfills this mission by helping prescribers overcome the cumbersome, frustrating and time-consuming challenges resulting from Prior Authorization.

PARx offers a streamlined, user-friendly, full service Prior Authorization approach that:

is free to prescribers

There is no charge when a prescriber uses PASS to manage a PA request

Combines sophisticated web-based technology and personalized support

The PASS system is both high tech and high touch, making it easier to help patients get the medications that they need

Employs attentive, well-trained and responsive clinical staff

Assistance or answers to questions by friendly, qualified healthcare professionals is only a phone call away

Employs a universal approach across all health plans

No more hunting for forms. A consistent format with drop down menus makes it easy to complete a PA request

Protects patient privacy and confidentiality

The password protected PASS system is fully compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulations, safeguarding patient health information

Results in more timely decisions

PARx expedites the PA request process to minimize delays in getting a PA decision

Saves time for prescribers and staff

It takes only a few minutes to complete a PA request using PASS

Generates high PA approval rates

A well designed approach, rigorous quality assurance and clinical support leads to higher approval rates than prescribers get without using PASS


The PARx prior authorization service has been proven effective with all therapeutic areas and across managed care plans. PARx has successfully processed PA requests for tens of thousands of prescribers and dozens of products across a spectrum of therapeutic areas including:

Allergy and Respiratory


Chronic Pain




Internal Medicine




Opioid Dependence

Primary Care




Women’s Health